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If you're the proud owner of a new Keurig one cup brewer, you'll be happy to know that you can use freshly roasted coffee for brewing by using the permanent replacement EkoBrew filter. Freshly roasted coffee, flavors, decafs, whatever you really want to brew--- happy in the knowledge that you're being environmentally friendly and not filling landfills with tiny white plastic cups. The other benefit is cost...Using freshly roasted coffee instead of K-Cups can save you up to 50¢ per cup. Think about it! http://www.baltcoffee.com/products/chemex/ekobrew-resuable-filter-single...

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Is it time to experiment with how you brew coffee?  Automatic drip is certainly fast and convenient, however to really appreciate the aromas, body and flavor nuances of coffee you can't match either a Chemex brewer or a French Press.  Both methods require bringing water to a boil on the stove which gives you the perfect water temperature for extracting the full flavors of your coffee.   These methods bring coffee brewing to a whole different level for you and produce a cup that you'll love.