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Mouth Party Caramels

Mouth Party Caramels
Mouth Party Caramels



Mouth Party Caramels are hand made here in Maryland. They are lovingly made with no artificial ingredients, and a portion of their profits are donated to cancer research.

Mouth Party Original Caramels
Mouth Party Original Caramels

The most delicious, mouth watering caramels you've ever had. Soft, chewy and'll want more.   Nut-Free & Gluten-Free.  

NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.  Net Wt. 6 oz. (170g.)

Mouth Party OMG! Caramels

Oh my!!! The sweet goodness of a soft caramel, dipped in creamy milk chocolate and covered with the salty goodness of sea salt. It's the ying and the yang, the sweet and the salty and OMG! so good. 6 oz. bag. (170 g.)

OMG! Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Coffee

We were so inspired by the Mouth Party OMG! Chocolate sea salt caramels that we created a coffee to match. Freshly roasted Fancy Bourbon Santos with delicious chocolate and caramel and just a kiss of sea salt for that perfect snap. 8oz Net Wt. (227 g.)  Drip Grind, Contains Caffeine.

OMG! Coffee & Caramels Gift Set

We were so inspired by Mouth Party Caramel's Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel that we created a matching Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Coffee (8 oz.) with the same delicious flavors. Then we put them together in a mouth watering gift set that everyone will love. If you love caramel, you'll say OMG! this is good!  Drip Grind Coffee, Contains Caffeine.

Mouth Party Pumpkin Caramels

The air is crisp and clean and the caramels are delicious!! And your favorite fall flavor is now in these delicious caramels---Pumpkin. 6oz bag. This is a seasonal flavor and will be available September through November.