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Eastern Shore Tea Company®

Eastern Shore Tea

Eastern Shore Tea Company®

Eastern Shore Tea Company®

Highest quality tea and beautiful packaging are hallmarks of Eastern Shore Tea. Each variety is unique, from the one of a kind blends to the original graphics created by renowned artists Howard Burns & Chas Constantine.

We use real spices and botanicals in all of our teas, & we use full leaf tea in our teabags, which we cut to tea bag cut in our hammermill....This ensures that our teabags taste exactly the same as our loose teas.

Each package of loose tea contains a re-usable muslin tea bag. Our tea bags are individually foil wrapped, are tagless, and are made from oxygen whitened non-bleached (Dioxin-Free) paper. Our tea bags also do not use metal staples, so they are microwave-safe.  Our Tea Bags Do Not Contain any Plastics, or Microplastics.

All Eastern Shore Teas are Pesticide-Free and Gluten-Free. All of our Decaffeinated teas are Naturally Decaffeinated, using the patented CO2 decaffeination process, which is superior to teas that are decaffeinated with chemical solvents.

All Eastern Shore Teas contain 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Carbohydrates, 0 Protein, 0 Cholesterol.  

All Eastern Shore Teas are Gluten-Free.