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Ty-Phoo Tea

Ty-Phoo Tea
Typhoo Tea




TyPhoo Tea was established in the UK in 1903 and since then has grown in strength and size and now ships to 20 different countries including South Africa, Australia, and The United States. TyPhoo is still one of Britain's favorite teas. 90 refreshing cups of TyPhoo are brewed every second - that's 2.9 billion every year. TyPhoo's team of expert tea buyers and blenders carefully select only the finest tea leaves to ensure great taste, quality and freshness from every cup of TyPhoo.

Typhoo Tea Bags
Ty-Phoo 80 Count tea bags

Round, tagless tea bags. Contains caffeine.

Typhoo Decaf. Tea Bags
Ty-Phoo Decaffeinated Tea ~ 80 Ct. Tea Bags

80 Count Decaffeinated Tea Bags. 98% caffeine-free.