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Fall Coffees

Fall Coffees

A selection of our most popular Fall Coffees, packed in 8 oz. decorarative bags.

16oz SWP Decaffeinated Starry Night Coffee

Chocolate Truffle, Toffee and Hazelnut....need we say any more? The perfectly delicious trio of flavors with Swiss Water Process® Decaffeinated Coffee. A really delicious cup!

16 oz.~ Black Raven Coffee

We are always in search of unique blends, so when our Roastmaster presented us with Black Raven Blend, we were impressed! Just the right amount of Indian Monsoon Malabar, with it's full body, low acidity, and strong muscatel flavor, combined with our rich

16oz SWP Decaffeinated Pumpkin Spice

Everyone's favorite dessert in a cup. Freshly roasted coffee perfectly flavored with pumpkin spice flavoring in a Swiss Water Process® Decaffeinated Coffee. The perfect end to Thanksgiving Dinner...or any other time!